What Can You Do?

Call 911 if you are in danger or
if you want to report a crime.

Tell a trusted friend of advocate in a safe place, away from the abuser.

If the first person doesn't believe you, keep telling until you find someone who does believe you.

Use caution if you are using a phone or computer when making plans to leave, as your abuser may find out

Whenever possible, be involved with people and activities outside your home.

Create a safety plan with a trusted friend or advocate.

• Set aside money, prescriptions, adaptive equipment
   and important papers in a safe location.
• Plan ahead where you can go if you have to leave
   your home.
• Practice leaving your home safely.

Who Can You Call
for Help?

Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault (PAVSA)

Provides services for victims of sexual assault.

(866) 229-7425

Safe Haven Shelter

Provides services and shelter for victims of domestic violence
and their children.

(877) 880-3094

Access North - Center for Independent Living

Advocacy, support and independent living skills services to people
with disabilities.

(888) 625-1401

Minnesota Disability Law Center

Advocacy and legal assistance for disability related issues.

(218) 722-5625

Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs

Support groups for victims of domestic violence and
non-violence classes for abusers.

(218) 722-2781