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Links to Transition Resources and Information

Below you will find links to help you locate resources and information regarding educational transitions, school-to-work transitions, independent living transitions, for both students and the parents/guardians helping them make these transitions.

A number of these links will take you to the PACER Center website. Pacer offers a wealth of information and resources. Please use the link provided below to check out the PACER Center website for yourself.

PACER Center – Champions for Children with Disabilities

In addition, PACER offers many publications, some for a small fee, and many others that can be downloaded at no cost. Please use the link below to access their Transition Publications. Once the page opens, scroll to the bottom of the page to view their list of publications that are free to download.

PACER Center Transition Publications

Independent Living Planning and Transition Information

School-to-Work Planning and Transition Information

Post-Secondary Education/Training Planning and Transition Information

Special Education Planning and Transition Information

Transition Information and Resources for Parents

Transition Information and Resources for Students