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The Oxford dictionary, (Oxford Online), defines home as, "the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household." This definition implies that a home is something more than one of a person's basic needs - those being food, clothing, and shelter. It is the place where most of us do our living. It is a physical place that seves as the setting in which we live. Yet, it is also more than just that physical structure.

Oxford's definition also addresses the relationships that exist in that setting - the family or household - and so a home is also the context in which we do our living, whether that family/household size is one person or ten people. Whether a home exists within a single-family farmhouse that has stood for more than a century or within a single rental unit located in an apartment complex with hundreds of units, it is, for most people, a central part of our lives.

If you are now considering, or planning for, the life transition which almost everyone makes, transitioning to living on your own, you will have important decisions to make about your future home. Living on your own means having a place of your own where you will do that living. What type of housing best suits your needs? Are there any accomodations necessary to allow you to live independently? Do you need a place that is either accessible or can readily be made accessible?

The following Housing Resources pages are intended to provide information regarding a number of housing related topics. Most of the information pertains to Duluth, MN, as well as the surrounding area. You may browse through these housing resource pages, or you may choose one of the topics from the following list in order to navigate directly to that page and/or section:

  • Assistance with Locating Housing

    Contains contact information for organizations that can provide assistance with locating housing, housing referrals, information and advocacy.

  • Subidized Housing Programs

    This page describes the FOUR major types of subsidy programs. It also has information about five subsidy programs in Duluth as well as contact information in order to apply for them.

  • Assistance With Rent, Utilities, and Deposits

    Provides contact information about organizations that provide financial assistance for rent, utilities, and rental deposits.

  • Accessible / Subsidized Housing Listings

    Contains property management companies' contact information along with listings for the properties they manage which have accessible and subsidized units. Also contains individual listings of properties offering accessible and subsidized units. Please note: Any properties offering Assisted Living will be indicated in their listing on this page.

  • Accessible Market Rate Housing Listings

    Contains listings of properties that offer accessible rental units with rent amounts set at market rates. Please note: Any properties offering Assisted Living will be indicated in their listing on this page.

  • Transitional And Emergency Housing

    Contains contact information for organizations that offer transitional housing services and emergency housing services.

Locating Housing

If you are transitioning to living on your own and looking for a place to call home, or if you are helping someone as they make this transition, the information here will give you a good place to start. However, this information is not exhaustive. If you need help with locating accessible rental properties, please contact one of the organizations listed below:

Access North CILNM - Duluth Office
Provides assistance with locating housing and housing advocacy for persons with disabilities.
118 E Superior St
Duluth, MN 55802
Phone: 218-625-1400
Housing Access Center
Provides affordable housing referrals, information, advocacy, and a Ready-to-Rent program.
206 W 4th St, Rm 112
Duluth, MN 55806
Phone: 218-722-6808
Homeless Outreach - Human Development Center (HDC)
Program for persons with mental health disabilities who are homeless, or at risk of being homeless.
1401 East 1st Street
Duluth, MN 55805
Phone: (218) 728-4491
Toll Free: (888) 412-9764
MN Crisis Number: (800) 634-8775
United Way 2-1-1 Information and Referral
This free, local, and confidential service is available from any phone by dialing 2-1-1.
Toll Free: 800-543-7709
Local: 651-291-0211
Website: Minnesota 2-1-1
Nationwide Website: Nationwide 2-1-1

Compiled by Access North Center for Independent Living of Northeast MN

Information provided is NOT an endorsement of any of the properties listed.
Last updated 4.20.2018