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Local Public Housing Links
and General Housing Information Links

Minnesota Housing Authorities
Information and resources regarding affordable housing for the state of Minnesota.
Website for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
One of the most complete sources of homes for sale and real estate near you.
Minnesota Housing Partnership
The MHP convenes, guides, and supports a diversity of partners working to improve conditions of home and community.
Rebuilding Together with Christmas in April
A national non-profit organization that rehabilitates the homes of low-income homeowners free of charge once a year through volunteer efforts, with over 200 affiliates across the country.
A program transforming public housing projects into mixed-income, diverse, and stable neighborhoods in order to attract middle-income persons to developments that include a wide range of incomes and housing types.
What is a Reverse Mortgage?
Information on reverse mortgages from the Federal Trade Commission.
Guide to Green Mortgages/Energy Efficient Mortgages
Comprehensive consumer guide to energy efficiency and "green mortgages". Explains what EEMs (Energy Efficient Mortages) are, how they work, the different kinds of EEMs, etc.
Home of Your Own Guide
A publication by The National Home of Your Own Alliance which focuses on homeownership and control for people with disabilities.

Local Transportation Links

Minnesota Transportation Links
Includes a list of Minnesota Transit links, and a listing of all Transit Agencies and local links by county and city.
United We Ride - Accessible Transportation
The Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility (CCAM) - improving the availablility, quality and efficiency of transportation services to people with disabilities, older adults, and people with low incomes.
Federal Transit Administration
Website for the FTA - Advancing Public Transportation Across America.

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