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Welcome to Life Transitions

Making Life Choices Can Be Difficult

Are you someone who needs to make some
important decisions about your life?

Is there someone close to you
who needs to make these sometimes difficult decisions?

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If you answered, "Yes", to either of these questions, then the following web pages are for YOU.

These pages are intended to assist people of all ages and abilities, including YOU, to figure out how YOU want to design YOUR life,

and to help YOU begin to take the steps toward reaching YOUR goals.

With some thought and effort, YOU can create a masterpiece!

. . . making choices to create your life . . .

Please, navigate around these pages to find the Transition information you are looking for. If you have any questions, or if you need more information, please do not hesitate to email us:

. . . or you can call us at

(800) 390.3681
(218) 262.6675

Five Areas of Transition

The Minnesota State Council on Disability has divided major life transitions into these FIVE types or areas of transition:

  1. Home Living:
    Selecting a lifestyle and future living situations and developing skills to live as interdependently as possible (e.g., cooking, cleaning, money management, personal grooming, nutrition, issues of sexuality, and healthcare).
  2. Recreation and Leisure:
    Knowing about and experiencing social and free time activities (e.g., movies, plays, listening to music, spending time with other people, and hobbies).
  3. Community Participation:
    Accessing community resources including people, places, and activities in the community (e.g., access to transportation, medical and governmental agencies, clubs and organizations, and civic activities).
  4. Jobs and Job Training:
    Determining career interests and goals and developing employability skills.
  5. Post-secondary Education and Training:
    Selecting educational settings in line with career and other life goals, and learning strategies for success (e.g., preparation for and application to technical colleges, universities, community colleges, as well as adult education, or community education).

Links to Transition Information

We have organized the Life Transitions pages into THREE main categories. Please use the links below to navigate to the category you wish to explore:

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