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Programs and Services

The programs and services listed below have these two goals:

  • provide assistive technology information.
  • provide a way for you to find the assistive technology you need.
Please continue reading to learn more about the Assistive Technology programs and services available . . .

Information and Referral

We provide information and referrals for assistive technology services and devices. Contact us with your questions, and we will assist you in locating the information and/or provide a referral to the appropriate agency.

Please call our Duluth office for information and/or assistance.

(218) 625-1400 V/TTY
(888) 625-1401 Toll Free

You may also contact Access North with questions at:

Assistive Technology Education/Awareness and Training

We will provide education and awareness opportunities on assistive technology. Contact us to set up a presentation for your group. These can be tailored to meet your needs. Training can be done in a group or individual session with consumers. If you need training for your assistive technology device we can assist you. We will also provide computer training as requested.

Individual Advocacy

You can choose to work with an advocate who will assist you through the process of obtaining assistive technology. The advocate will coordinate the process, set up the team, secure funding and other tasks as needed. Access North has an Assistive Technology Practitioner who can assist as needed.

The Assistive Technology Library

The Access North Assistive Technology Library is located in our Duluth office. The library has a variety of assistive technology you can try before you buy. We are able to lend the devices to you so you can get the documentation needed for funders. Call us to see if we have the AT you want to trial. If you are interested in using this, or other services the library offers, or if you have any questions regarding Assistive Technology, please contact us at the number below:

(888) 625-1401

Device Demonstration and Loan

Device Demonstrations allow consumers to compare features and benefits of a particular device or category of devices. Demonstrations are for individuals or a small group of individuals and are not the same as devices shown during an exhibit or public awareness event.

Device Loans are short-term loans lasting up to 30-days. Device loans allow consumers to try a device of software program before buying. Device loans can be used to "fill-in" for a device that is being repaired or while waiting for delivery of a newly-purchased device. In order to better provide devices to consumers, the Assistive Technology Library can ship devices throughout the state of Minnesota.

Reuse and Recycle Program

Reuse occurs when assistive technology that is no longer needed is passed along to someone else either by selling, exchanging, or donating the device. It also occurs when devides are repaired and cleaned, (refurbished), before they are sold or donated. Access North will take donations of used Assistive Technology and durable medical equipment. We make sure the equipment is safe for use and cleaned up. We then offer it to consumers who are in need, and who have no funding source available.


The following are additional Assistive Technology resources . . .

STAR - A System of Technology to Achieve Results

"STAR" is an Assistive Technology resource website provided by the State of Minnesota. The STAR site contains:

  • - a listing of assistive technology reuse resources
  • - information on electronic waste and recycling centers
  • - a number of other assistive technology resources.
Please use the link below to visit the STAR website:

STAR Assistive Technology Website

STAR Technology Exchange (STARTE)

The STAR Program maintains an online device exchange site. STARTE is a free website that enables Minnesotans to donate, sell, and buy previously owned but still usable assistive technology.

Please use the link below to visit the STARTE website:

STARTE Website

On Demand Lending Library

When funding is available, Access North will assist individual consumers with a small grant to help them get the Assistive Technology they need.

This program is only offered when funding is available.

If you are in need of Assistive Technology information or help and cannot find it here - please, ask us. We will do our best to answer any questions and provide you with the information you need.

We look forward to helping you. Please use the link below to contact us with any questions.

You may also contact our Duluth office by calling:

(888) 625-1401
(218) 625-1400 V/TTY