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Welcome to PCA Choice

PCA Choice is an option of the Minnesota Personal Care Assistance Program that allows individuals who receive PCA services control and choice in choosing, hiring, training, and supervising their PCAs.

The individual who needs PCA services teams with a PCA Choice provider. The provider is then responsible for the payroll related duties such as taxes, billing, employee background checks, etc...

Access North, The Center for Independent Living of Northeastern Minnesota,(CILNM), is a Minnesota Employer of Record as well as a PCA Choice Provider. Access North also offers many supports to help you to be successful using PCA Choice.

PCA Traditional 

Do you need PCA or other in-home services but dislike having to find staff in this difficult labor market? Let us simplify your life! Access North is now recruiting quality caregivers for our Traditional PCA and other in-home support services. Call now to see if Traditional PCA or in-home support services can meet your needs.

PCA Traditional Handbook