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Consumer Rights

The consumer has the right to . . .

  1. Hire anyone 18-years-old or older that they want to work for them as a PCA worker, excluding parents of minors, spouses, and the responsible party, provided that individual meets these requirements:
    • The individual must pass a background check that the PCA Choice organization submits to the DHS licensing division.
    • The individual must be able to perform the duties necessary in providing assistance to the consumer.
  2. Terminate the PCA worker.
  3. Assist with determining the rate of pay for the PCA workers.
  4. Set the PCA worker schedule.

Consumer Responsibilities

The consumer is responsible for . . .

  1. Recruiting their own PCA workers, including developing a job description, interviewing, screening, advertising, etc.
  2. Ensuring PCA workers are qualified to provide the needed assistance for the consumer.
  3. Having a care plan specifying the kinds of assistance needed.
  4. Obtaining doctors orders documenting the need for a PCA.
  5. Setting their schedule and identifying when they need PCA.
  6. Scheduling PCA workers to cover their needs for assistance.
  7. Submitting time cards of documented hours worked through the PCA Choice provider.
  8. Training PCA workers.
    (Consumers may get assistance for this if they choose PCA professional   supervision at the time of their assessment for PCA hours).
  9. Providing their own backup assistance in case their staff is unable to provide assistance.
  10. Customers in the flexible use option are responsible for keeping track of the hours they use so they do not run out of hours before the end of their service agreement.
  11. Knowing and following the PCA Handbook, as well as the PCA Agreements.

PCA Choice Rules and Definitions

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