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In addition to the five core services Access North provides,
we provide many more services based upon the needs of our local community.

Ramp Project

Access North offers the Ramp Project to provide home access ramps to people with disabilities who need them. The ramps are paid for by the consumer on a sliding fee scale. Many times there are MN DHS programs that can also pay for the ramps.

For more information about The Ramp Project, please click the link below:

The Ramp Project

PCA Choice

PCA Choice is a Personal Assistance program in which the Consumer is the employer with all corresponding rights and responsibilities. Access North is the employer of record, conducting payroll activities and providing supports. The program allows Consumers to have the highest degree of control in regard to what gets done, how it is done and who does it.

To access our PCA Choice pages, please click the link below:

PCA Choice

Homemaking Services and Respite Care

Homemaking Services are available to people who quality for a County Waiver. Homemaking services assist individuals in managing household activities and may include:

  • cleaning
  • laundry
  • meal preparation
  • routine household care
  • shopping

Respite Services provide short-term care and support for the consumer when the primary caregiver or family members needs to be absent from the home. Services may often be provided by caregivers of your choice.

Relocation Service Coordination

Assistance is provided to individuals as they go through the process of relocating from nursing facilities or other institutions to community settings.
Relocation Services include:

  • applying for housing options
  • accessing home care
  • accessing community service options
  • preparing for the move
  • accessing transitional services funds when eligible

Please use the link below to navigate to our Nursing Home Relocation page(s):

Support Planner Services

A DHS certified support planner provides assistance with the development of a Consumer Directed Community Supports plan. The CDCS plan is an option of the MA waiver programs that allows individuals to direct their own care and services.

Waivered Services

Access North provides Independent Living Skills Training, Independent Living Skills maintenance, and more through the MN DHS waivered service system. offers people the capability of doing their own Internet disability information and referral. Access North provides information and links to even more disability information.

We provide links to all of our staff which will enable visitors to ask questions via e-mail. We are also your accessibility resource for community businesses, local and county government and more on ADA and accessibility, providing building access surveys, site planning and analysis.

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology is any customized item, piece of equipment or product system that is used to improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. Access North offers Assistive Technology assessments and can often help people obtain the assistive technology they need. Services include:

  • assistive technology (AT) assessment
  • demonstration lab
  • lending library
  • training on assistive technology devices
  • education on assistive technology resources
  • funding

Please use the link below to navigate to our Assistive Technology page(s):

Home Accessibility

Access North provides home assessment, evaluation and installation, (grab bars, railings, accessible levers and handles, etc.), to enhance the accessibility of your home according to your individualized needs.

To learn more about home adaptations, please use the link below to navigate to our Home Adaptations page(s):

Computer Classes / Computer Labs

Access North offers basic to intermediate computer classes, teaching basic computer use as well as internet use in a variety of locations. Please contact our staff to learn the date and time of the next class in your area.

Access North has computer labs in all of our office locations. The computers are available for consumer use or to do your PCA testing.

Please use the link below to navigate to our Support Groups and Independent Living Skills Classes page(s):

Independent Living / Vocational Rehabilition Collaboration

In collaboration with Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Access North assists individuals to address employment barriers and to develop skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment.

Drivers License Written Test Assistance

Access North offers classes designed to assist people with passing the written portion of their drivers license test. Access North staff will also assist in obtaining reasonable accommodations necessary to take the drivers license tests. Contact one of our IL Specialists to work with you on this goal.

Public Education

Access North is your community resource on disability related training topics including independent living philosophy, disability awareness, accessibility, accommodations, etc., for individuals, businesses, and the community.

Transition from School to Community Living

Access North offers a program which assists youth with disabilities to transition from school to independent living. The purpose of the program is to ensure that youth are aware of available resources and learn appropriate skills so they may achieve maximum independence in the community.

We have more information about Transition Services.
To access our Educational Transitions page, please click the link below:

In addition, you may navigate to our Transitioning Into Living On Your Own page:

If you are in need of a service and cannot find it - please, ask us. We will refer you if there is an existing service that you do not know about. If there is no service to meet your needs, we will do our best to assist you.
Please use the link below to contact us.