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Services to Help You

Use the variety of services provided by the Centers for Independent Living. They can be one of your most valuable resources. There are eight Centers for Independent Living in Minnesota that are ready to help you to become more independent.

First, make a list of any daily activities with which you might need help. Those activities may include, (but may not be limited to), the following services:

  • meals delivered
  • house and/or yard care
  • ramp installation
  • emergency phone call line
  • transportation needs
  • adaptive equipment for toilet, shower, kitchen, etc.
  • help with bathing
  • help with laundry

Next, use the map pictured below to locate the Center for Independent Living that serves your area. Simply locate the county in which you live. Click on that county, and you will be taken to the homepage of the correct Center for Independent Living. You will be able to contact your Center for Independent Living, either by emailing them or calling them.

Online Benefits Check

Use the link below to do a "benefits check" online: